Attendee Test Page

The attendee test page is to verify all features within the virtual conference will work on your computer. The page includes a feature sample (left) and an expected sample image (right).  If the featured sample doesn’t show up and all you see is the image, you will experience the same issues once logged in.  This may be due to a firewall block or restrictions set by your VPN.  If this is the case, supply your IT department with this page so they can remove any restrictions.  A list of site sources can be found under the red “X” below. 

Compare the left box with the right:

If the left boxes match the right, you’re ready to go!

If the left boxes do not match the right, please verify your firewall allows access to the URL’s listed below with your IT department and are not running a VPN that may be restricting content. You may also go to the SUPPORT tab to contact us.
URL’s to allow:,

LiveStream Video

LiveStream Video Reference Image

Vimeo Video

Vimeo Video Reference Image


Chat Reference Image

Zoom Test Link

This site uses embedded and external Zoom plug-ins and must be allowed through Firewalls. All Zoom links are password embedded and not accessible to the public.